Pre-requisite skills:

(1) Linear Functions

(2) Factorisation of quadratic expressions

(3) Solving of quadratic equations

You will learn:

(1) Solving Quadratic Equations by Formula & Completing the Square

(2) Sum and Product of Roots

(3) Forming Quadratic Equations

(4) Discriminant and Nature of Roots

(5) Sketching Quadratic Curves

(6) Quadratic Inequalities

Main Resource: Panpac TB Ch 3 and Notes

You can download the complete set of notes for (1) to (6) here:

(1) Solving Quadratic Equations: You need to know how to solve the equations by both formula and completing the square methods.

(6) Quadratic Inequalities: Always make one side of the equation zero. Remember to include the sketch in your solution.

Powerpoint Slides for overview of Quadratic Inequality + notes on Rational Inequality (optional):

(4) Discriminant and Nature of Roots
Powerpoint slides for discriminant and nature of roots, including 2 textbook examples:

Excel Applet:

(5) Curve Sketching

Powerpoint sllides for quadratic curve sketching:

Solutions to Curve Sketching Ex 4 and 5:

(2) Sum and Product of Roots and (3) Forming Quadratic Equations

Powerpoint slides for sum and product of roots and forming equations:

Textbook solutions to Ex 3.1:
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Download the concept map for the topic here: