Pre-requisite skills:

(1) Linear Functions

(2) Factorisation of quadratic expressions

(3) Solving of quadratic equations

You will learn:

(1) Solving Quadratic Equations by Formula & Completing the Square

(2) Sum and Product of Roots

(3) Forming Quadratic Equations

(4) Discriminant and Nature of Roots

(5) Sketching Quadratic Curves

(6) Quadratic Inequalities

You can download the complete set of notes for (1) to (6) here:

(1) Solving Quadratic Equations: You need to know how to solve the equations by both formula and completing the square methods.

(6) Quadratic Inequalities: Always make one side of the equation zero. Remember to include the sketch in your solution.

Powerpoint Slides for overview of Quadratic Inequality + notes on Rational Inequality (optional):

(4) Discriminant and Nature of Roots
Powerpoint slides for discriminant and nature of roots, including 2 textbook examples:

Excel Applet:

(5) Curve Sketching

Powerpoint sllides for quadratic curve sketching:

Solutions to Curve Sketching Ex 4 and 5:

(2) Sum and Product of Roots and (3) Forming Quadratic Equations

Powerpoint slides for sum and product of roots and forming equations:

Textbook solutions to Ex 3.1:


Download the concept map for the topic here: